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Water damage can come in many forms. Water may find its way into a building through a broken pipe, toilet overflow, or even a cracked window. The carpeting and drywall in your home or office may soak up the water or be wet due to water intrusion from above. 

Water leaking inside your home can cause severe problems with your floors and walls if not dried within 24 hours; this includes wood floors, vinyl tiles, hardwood floors, linoleum and ceramic tile, and sheetrock (also known as plaster cloth).

How to Recognize Water Damage

Do you see any discoloration on ceilings or walls? Do you see any standing puddles on or around your carpets or furnishings? Is there a musty smell in the air, especially after the water has receded? These signs could indicate water damage which is one of the most common forms of building damage.

Leaks And Floods Are Common

Do you hear running water when no fixtures are turned on? Do you notice discoloration on ceilings or walls near plumbing fixtures or appliances that may have leaked? 

Does carpeting feel wet underfoot even though it may not appear so to the naked eye? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then the chances are that some form of water intrusion has occurred, and more investigation is needed.

Preventing Future Problems with Plumbing 

  • Proper insulation and ventilation are necessary to maintain your home’s foundation. 
  • Keep foundation vents free of obstruction by shrubbery, soil, or trash.
  • Do not plant trees too close to the building, as this can cause moisture problems in or around the home. 
  • Have backflow valves installed on utility connections that enter the house, primarily if they serve washing machines, dishwashers, etc. 
  • Make sure downspouts drain at least three feet away from any structure or even remotely connected to it.

Water Damage Restoration Henderson’s Services for Residential And Commercial Properties

Water Damage Restoration Henderson provides a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties, including carpeting, sheetrock/wallboard replacement, wood refinishing, hardwood floor installation, insulation installation, ventilation, and more. For more information on our restoration services, please visit our website.

Are You Looking For A Water Damage Company To Help With Your Home Or Office?

Water Damage Restoration Henderson is the best in town. We offer full-service restoration services for residential and commercial properties, including carpeting, sheetrock/wallboard replacement, wood refinishing services, hardwood floor installation, insulation installation, ventilation, and many other benefits. 

Check out our website for detailed information regarding restoration services. You can trust us to do an excellent job every time because they have been doing this since 2018! 

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